Why be normal when you can be the Black Sheep?

  • Bookish Corner

    As an avid book nerd, I have a love for all things books. I know my fellow book lovers will appreciate all the many book related items. The Bookish Corner is just a quicker way to find anything in my store that has to do with books.

  • Mental Health Matters

    Mental health has been something I struggled with from my teen years on. It's one of the reasons I turned to art as a way to cope and express myself and my emotions. Everything in this collection is to help remind people that you are not alone and that you matter.

  • Customizable Items

    Who doesn't love something that is just for them? Anything in this collection is something that I can customize. All of my wood burned items are done by hand, not laser, and therefore no two items will be identical, even if you want the same desing. Feel free to send me an email with any questions regarding customizations.

  • Witchy Woman

    Everyone needs a little magic in their life. This is where you'll find some of my darker creations. If you like dark humor, find witchcraft and all things magical interesting, this is the collection you'll want to check out.